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Automobile Conveyor Equipment
  The main forms of Pre-Treatment & E-Coat Conveyor equipment include Power & Free Conveyor, Pendulum Conveyor, Rotational Conveyor and the corresponding auxiliary equipment. Since 2006, our company has successfully built the first Pendulum Conveyor in China. At present, we have built more than 50 Pendulum Conveyor production lines successively in the main automobile manufacturers in China, and the products have been exported to Russia, Thailand and other overseas users. In recent years, the Rotational Conveyor developed under the leadership of the head office has been successfully applied in a number of Pre-Treatment & E-Coat conveying projects, providing customers with a highly flexible and 360-degree rotation conveying scheme.
The skid conveyor equipment mainly includes various types of roller beds, chaining beds, transitional machines, rotating roller beds, elevators, belt conveyors, chain transitional machines, painting double-chain, drying double-chain, drying IMC, painting skid and other equipment. In combination of these equipment, a skid conveyor system of front and rear, translation, rotation and lifting is formed in the painting workshop. After improvement and optimization by the company for more than 20 years, the products featured by excellent performance and low failure rate have reached the international leading level.
The friction conveyor equipment mainly includes straight-rail friction drive, bending-rail friction drive, turnout, stopper, positioner, straight-rail, bending rail, CPC conveyor chain, CPC tire chain, drying room monorail conveyor chain, elevator, trolley, etc. This kind of equipment featured by stable performance and good economy is mostly used in Japanese automobile factories, or welding coating and painting buffer area.
The final assembly conveyor equipment mainly includes interior sliding plate line, final assembly sliding plate line, chassis line, door conveyor line, tire conveyor line, seat conveyor line, etc. Since our company successfully built the first domestic sliding plate line in 2003, this kind of product has been used in conveying projects of many domestic automobile assembly workshops.
The welding conveyor equipment mainly includes side line (air friction and ground skid, etc.), frame line, floor line, repair welding aerial conveyor line, welding friction line, etc. Such equipment has been optimized and upgraded over the years to meet the requirements of high-precision and fast-pace conveying in welding workshops.


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