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Stereo Parking Equipment
  The Lift-sliding stereoscopic parking garage is based on the multi-storey and multi-space mechanical parking unit with fully assembled structure, which can be quickly extended and expanded in parallel. It has the advantages of low requirements for supporting civil works and public utilities, short construction period, wide applicability, high investment cost performance and high safety. Automatic and manual control mode with universal PLC or dedicated single chip microcomputer as the core is adopted in the control. According to the needs of users, quick and reliable access service can be realized in various ways such as swipe card type and button type.   The parking equipment for Lift-sliding movement is various and has strong adaptability to the site and low civil engineering requirements. The equipment can be built in the open air or underground of the building, and the scale is flexible. It can be arbitrarily combined and arranged according to different terrain and space, with high space utilization, safety and reliability, ensuring quick access and easy use and maintenance. The multi-storey lifting and transversal type is especially suitable for the reconstruction of the plane self-propelled parking lot with unrestricted height.   Advantages: High space utilization rate, quick and easy vehicle pick-up.


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